Sad Flowers 

Orissa Haze / 2023
From Sad Flowers,
Lumen Print on Ilford Galerie black & white photo paper 

Language presents its insolvency when confronted with complex, intuitive or gnostic perception, while images can continue to communicate. The power of images, open to individual subjectivity,  to trigger the mind’s innate tendency to create, dependent on an individual’s identifications and conditioning,  is the major theme of this project .

My work is influenced by a wide range of visual artists and  print makers, from ancient Japanese wood block prints to the mid-20th century contemporary artists working with digital mediums and artificial intelligence. However, my main influence for this project is ancient Chinese water colour paintings, mostly influenced by buddhist texts and wabi-sabi aesthetics. 

In Buddhist philosophy, the concept of impermanence is central to understanding the nature of existence. Through my work, I aim to convey the fragility and fleeting beauty of life, while also celebrating its infinite potential for transformation and growth. Each image captures a moment in time, imbued with its own unique energy and symbolic meaning.