Lumen Prints

Untitled 4 / 2021
From The Unmanipulated Lumen Prints

Inspired by the ideas of Rudolf Arnheim and Vladimir Zhukovskiy, this current series is a reflection on the potential of visual perception both for opening, but also for sublimating cognitive pathways (either stimulating thought processes and problem-solving) particularly for people with dyslexia and other forms of “word blindness”, or pushing linear ‘linguistic’ cognitions into non-verbal abstractions.

Language presents its insolvency when confronted with complex, intuitive or gnostic perception, while images can continue to communicate. The power of images, open to individual subjectivity,  to trigger the mind’s innate tendency to create, dependent on an individual’s identifications and conditioning,  is the major theme of this project .

“Ultimately, my series of lumen prints is about exploring the boundaries of photography and pushing the limits of what's possible with this medium.."