Breaking Bread

(in instant) 

// Nick Luscombe                                                 // Alan Abrahams  

I would like to invite you to participate in an ongoing portraiture and research project taking place at my studio in North London.  Your participation will involve you visiting Green Lens Studios in the morning hours to share breakfast with me and discuss different subjects (among others we might both be inclined to discuss):

- dietary preferences
- positive routines and practices
- the place of music in your life

I will then take a polaroid portrait of my breakfast companion(s). Images and notes taken during the session will become part of a forthcoming book with the working title "Breaking Bread In An Instant".

Breaking Bread is a celebration of a simple but essential ritual. We eat breakfast to sustain us for the rest of the day, but this can also be a time to share our thoughts and reflect on the aspects of our life that can easily be overlooked in the middle of the race.

I invite you to talk about aspects of your life as we 'break bread' and capture the moment in an instant photographic print that takes advantage of natural light.

Since 2013 I have been joined by over 45 breakfast companions, including Vivienne Westwood - fashion designer and eco-warrior; Polly Higgins - international lawyer and founder of End Ecocide on Earth; Laurence Cassøe Halsted - Olympic fencer and a dreamer; Nick Luscombe - radio dj and Musicity co-founder; George Fitzherbert - Tibetan Gesar epic expert; Bethany Wells - performance and interaction designer and sauna aficionado; Kevin Le Gendre - journalist and broadcaster and many others.