From Bardo // Photographic print on transparent film,
Loch Voil, 2015

An ongoing project, inspired by the concept of Bardo in Tibetan Buddhism, intermediary moment, that fleeting and elusive space that lies between birth and death, growth and decay, and light and dark. Having inicially emerging as a photographic in its traditional, lens based form, this body of work includes lumen prints and in its current incornation also photograms. I seek to capture the ephemeral nature of these liminal spaces, where light and dark, life and death, and growth and decay coexist in a delicate balance.

  Drawing inspiration from the Bardo Thödol and the rich tradition of Buddhist thought, my work reflects a deep fascination with the mysteries of life and death, and the potential for transformation and growth that lies within them.

I aim to evoke the complex emotions and meanings that these in-between moments evoke, from joy and wonder to grief and uncertainty.

By incorporating both straight-forward photography and lumen prints, I hope to create a dialogue between traditional and alternative photographic processes, and to invite viewers to contemplate on the infinite potential for transformation and growth that lies within us all withing this lifetime.

Frpom Bardo // Photogram on B&W phographic paper,
Berlin, 2021